9, Klimova st., Troitsk, Chelyabinsk region, Russia
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Hotel Central in the city of Troitsk, Chelyabinsk region


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Dear Guests!

This is a great honor for us to welcome you at Central Historical Hotel in the city of Troitsk, Chelyabinsk region!

Our city was founded as a frontier by the order of Queen Yelizaveta in 1743 on the Saint Trinity Day to protect the Russian border from the raids of Kirgiz-Kaysat vagrant tribes.

The city was destined to become 'the window to Asia', Peter The Great had dreamed of, and the first Russian city built according to a preliminary town-development plan. The economically favorable geographical location, thank to the Great caravan track passing through the city, made Troitsk the second biggest fair center in Russia, after Nizhniy Novgorod.

In 1774, Yemelyan Pugachev took the frontier by storm. The Saint-Troitsk Cathedral still bears the marks left by the arrows of the rebels. The church still keeps the Image of Nicholas the Wonderworker. Here, one of Russia's greatest writers Ivan Krylov was baptized. The Russian Emperor Nicolay The Second visited the city himself twice. Troitsk is the place where established poets, like Tukay, Gafury, and Ruchiev wrote their works. This is the birthplace of Plevako, a prominent lawyer.

Troitsk is known as an architecture museum where a great many South Ural historical and architectural monuments are gathered. Our hotel is rightfully considered one of its best exhibits.

According to a legend, the First Guild's merchant Gavril Alexeyevich Bashkirov made a bet with three local merchants when he was at the Nizhny Novgorod fair in 1910. Being heavily drunk, he argued that Troitsk was not only one of Ural's largest trading centers, but also had a luxurious stock exchange hotel with a top-class restaurant.

The three merchants claimed that Troitsk had nothing but inns and taverns, which, in those times, was the very truth. To win the bet, Bashkirov made up his mind to build such a hotel! Sparing no money, he purchased a land, ordered a concept design from a famous architect and organized three shifts providing nonstop building and material supply. A year later, right by the beginning of the summer fair, the three bettors could not believe their eyes seeing an amazing luxurious building erected by the best examples of Russian modern traditions.

This is how one merchant who always kept his word gave the city a marvel of architectural art!

In 1916, Bashkirov was offered to sell the hotel's building to be later used as a regular band.

The offer price was 120,000 rubles in gold, which in those times was an unimaginable sum of money. Bashkirov's refusal was highly regarded by the city's citizens who took it as appreciation of the city's prestige.

Welcome to Russia's sunniest city, where, according to official statistics, the sun shines over 2,285 hours per year, longer than in any of the Black Sea resorts, and where the dry steppe air possesses rare therapeutic properties.

We hope that your stay at our hotel will be as sunny and pleasant as the local climate. Loyal to old good traditions of Russian hospitality, we do our best to make your visit a great time to remember!

Sincerely yours, Central Hotel Manager

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